Conditions: Chronic Low Back Pain

Curator: Michael Schneider DC PhD

Contributors: Sean Mathers, DC, DPT, Zachary Cupler, DC, MS, Dipl. Ac., Michael Anderson, DC, Dipl. Ac.

This list provides the most current (<5 years) systematic reviews of manual therapy for low back pain. There are current systematic reviews of the chiropractic, osteopathic, and physical therapy literature in this list. Although not the most current review (2010) on this list, the “UK Evidence Report” is the most reader-friendly because of its succinct presentation by condition with subsections for each on definition; diagnosis; evidence from systematic reviews, clinical guidelines, and recent randomized controlled trials; and a concise evidence summary. It is recommended that readers start with UK report and its recommendations, then compare with other systematic reviews and guidelines. The reader should be aware of the fact that different reviews may lead to disparate conclusions due to the use of different methods of quality assessment and search/inclusion strategies.