Guidelines: Guidelines

Curator: André Bussières DC PhD FCCSC

Contributors: Simon French PhD MPH BAppSc (Chiropractic), Jeffrey Quon DC MHSc PhD FCCSC, John A. Taylor DC DACBR, Carolina Cancelliere DC PhD

This list contains Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) and reviews of CPGs on low back and neck pain, diagnostic imaging, and extremity disorders. These tools have the potential to improve the quality and safety of healthcare. CPGs are a comprehensive collection of current best evidence regarding etiology, diagnosis & treatment of a condition, expert opinion and consensus, and practice-based recommendations put together by a panel of researchers, clinicians and patient representatives. An additional reading list concerns the implementation of CPGs in practice. Given the very slow pace of converting evidence into routine practice (between 1 to 2 decades), Knowledge Translation (KT) has emerged as an important consideration to promote the use of best evidence to inform clinical decision making. The additional reading material includes articles on barriers preventing the use of best evidence, and ways to increase the uptake of CPGs.