Conditions: Headache

Curator: Gert Bronfort DC PhD

Contributors: Brent Leininger DC, Mitchell Haas DC MA, Michael Schneider DC PhD

This list starts with the “UK Evidence Report,” a comprehensive review of randomized controlled trials of manual therapy for musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal conditions .This is perhaps the most reader-friendly article in the list because of its succinct presentation by condition with subsections for each on definition; diagnosis; evidence from systematic reviews, clinical guidelines, and recent randomized controlled trials; and a concise evidence summary. The document also contains guidelines for translating evidence into action, as well as a comprehensive reference list of relevant systematic reviews, clinical guidelines, and randomized clinical trials. The remaining articles include systematic reviews and guidelines published after the UK Evidence Report in addition to the highest quality trials performed to date for tension-type, cervicogenic and migraine headache. Readers should note that systematic reviews utilizing different methods for quality assessment and evidence determination often reach different conclusions.