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Why do we need a reading list for chiropractic?

Our colleagues often ask us to recommend papers for various forms of chiropractic advocacy. Wouldn’t it be nice to just refer these requests to an existing resource? That’s the vision we have for this project; a website that houses a suggested reading list curated by the profession and accessible to all.



This is not a “best of” list.

Our goal is to provide a list that would give any reader a solid appreciation of a specific chiropractic topic. As you can imagine, a current systematic review of each topic would be ideal; we hope to get there one day with more funding, people and time. For now, we are taking first steps to get this concept up and running so that people can get reading!



Who can use the list?

Anyone! Students, professors, clinicians, legislators, administrators, politicians. Anyone!



Who is responsible for selecting the papers that appear on the list?

Volunteer topic curators approved by the WFC Research Council establish their own review team. That team is made up of experts and organizations with relevant expertise in content and topic. In addition, readers can make suggestions by email through the Contact page.



How are the papers selected?

Each topic curator and their team can consider any content for inclusion. Inclusion criteria are set by each team and may involve any number of factors (e.g. breadth, clinical impact, historical value) with the goal of creating a list of 10 papers that give a sufficient overview of that topic.



Why a limit of 10 papers per topic?

A key principle for this project is that listed papers for a given topic can be read in a reasonable period of time. That is why we have employed a 10 paper limit/topic with plans to develop a second, unlimited list of “further reading" in the future.



How often is the list updated?

Each list provides an overview of reading in a given topic. In other words, it is not critical that the list be updated constantly. Still,our goal is to refresh the list as often as possible with a target of providing annual updates.



Who created the original list and who administers the list?

The list is a team effort led by Greg Kawchuk, Stephen Perle and Michael Schneider. The website for the list is maintained by the WFC and overseen by the WFC Research Council. While many lists and web sources exist, we would like to specifically acknowledge Mansholt et al. and their classic paper “Essential literature for the chiropractic profession: a survey of chiropractic research leaders” (Chiro Man Therap, 2013).



What topics are covered and will there be more?

Initial topics are based on volunteer availability. Additional topics with be added in the future. If you have suggestions, or would like to volunteer, please send us an email from the Contact page.



How can I get involved?

If you are interested in being a topic curator or being part of a curation team, please email us through the Contact page.



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