Conditions: Pregnancy and Post-Partum

Curator: KA Pohlman DC MS DICCP

Contributors: Kent J. Stuber BSc DC MSc, Cheryl Hawk DC PhD CHES, Carol Ann Weis MSc DC, Jennifer Brocker DC DICCP

The 'Pregnancy / Post-partum WFC Essential Chiropractic Reading List' was curated by a balance of practicing chiropractors who treat pregnant women and researchers who have published in this area, some curators doing both. The original topic was for the special population of pregnant women; however, the group decided that the post-partum population is also a special yet unique population which needed to be added specifically into our section. Discussions about the reading list started with a list of manuscripts including several types of studies, with no journal specification and was not inclusive to chiropractic, but rather all spinal manipulation. It was decided that literature we choose should: 1) come from journals with an established peer-review reputation, 2) have some experimental component, and 3) include chiropractic, not just spinal manipulation. The list came together nicely after these decisions were finalized. The final list includes three systematic reviews, one practice guidelines, one RCT, one qualitative study, two cohorts, and two cross-sectional surveys. Our group wanted to ensure that post-partum manuscripts were included, but upon further literature searches, we found that at this time just one of the already included systematic reviews encompassed post-partum. Our final decision was to keep the updated name change, 'Pregnancy / Post-partum', in hopes that the near future will bring more studies for this special population, as well as more studies looking at chiropractic care for the pregnancy population.