Profession: Knowledge Translation

Curator: Simon French BAppSc(Chiro), MPH, PhD

Contributors: André Bussières DC, FCCS (C), PhD; Carol Cancelliere BSc(Hons), DC, MPH, PhD; Roni Evans DC, MS, PhD; Diane Grondin DC, MHK; Michael Schneider Dc, PhD; Joel Stevans DC, PhD; Kent Stuber BSc, DC, MSc

This list is, in the opinion of the curator and contributors, the best 10 papers to read if you want to learn about the field knowledge translation and implementation science. Given the slow pace of the uptake of evidence into routine clinical practice, the relatively new disciplines of Knowledge Translation (KT) and implementation science have emerged to promote, and study, the use of evidence to inform clinical decision making. The papers are listed in categories as follows: (A) Paper #1 is a general introduction to the discipline of KT, written by workd leaders in this field; (B) Paper #2 is a recent scoping review of all relevant papers in this field for the chiropractic profession; (C) Paper #3 is a general introduction to the principles of evidence-based practice for chiropractors; (D) Papers #4 to #6 are surveys of chiropractors about their attitudes and views towards evidence-based practice; (E) Paper #7 a systematic review of interventions designed to increase the uptake of clinical practice guidelines for musculoskeletal professionals; (F) Papers #8 to #10 are methods papers relevant to the field of KT.